A virtual convention showcasing PDMAG Members from around the world.
This year's convention will be held via Facebook, YouTube, and Zoom.

The Sales Gallery will be available on our website beginning on Saturday, October 16th.


FREE ENTRY - No registration is needed  to access the Sales Gallery beginning on Saturday, October 16th.

$10 VIP TICKET - As a VIP ticket holder, you'll be invited into a private Facebook group where you'll have early access to the Sales Gallery beginning on Friday, October 15th and access to all convention activities and events!

VIP Ticket Includes

  • Early Access to Sales Gallery

  • Vote for Best in Show

  • Artist Presentations

  • Artist Demonstrations

  • Studio Tours

  • In-depth Artist Interviews

  • Artist Meet and Greets

  • Classes offered by PDMAG Members*

        ~ and more!


  *Fees charged by the individual artists.


  Free Demonstrations

  • Sculpting Hands - Karen Baker

  • Porcelain Basic Mold Making - Lesley Duthie

  • Paint Techniques on Paperclay - Gloriann Irizarry Ellard

  • The Making of a OOAK Figure - Renata Jansen

  • Face Up - Sandra Maxwell

  • Basic Needle Felting - Angela-Coleman Pinson

  • Mermaid Armature - Patricia Rowe

  • Sudsy Bubbles - Maria Saracino

  • Basic Airbrushing - Noemi Smith

  • Printing on Fabric - Jeanne Spaziani

  Paid Classes

  • Anthropomorphic Crow - Karen Baker

  • Mixed Media 3D Wall Art Doll - Gloriann Irizarry Ellard

  • Making a Double Ball Jointed Doll - Cherie Fretto

  • Pumkple Pumpkin People - Sherrie Woolsey Neilson

  • Felting Realistic Animals - Angela-Coleman Pinson 

  • Sculpting a Baby - Elsie Rodriguez

  • Relief Portrait - Maria Saracino

  • Realistic Dragon Bust - Noemi Smith

  • Making a Custom Wig - Debbie Weimert

  • Armature and Soft Body - Lisa Wroblewski

And so much more...

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PDMAG is an international guild of talented artists that work hard to promote the art doll industry and to enlighten the public as to how much ART there is in the term Art Doll. Our mission is to showcase and promote the biggest talents and emerging artists from around the world to help them achieve higher levels of success and also work with beginning artists so that they can achieve their dream of becoming a world class art doll maker.  For over 30 years PDMAG has given multitudes of artists a leg up in the world of figurative art which we refer to as Art Dolls.