Welcome to our first annual
Professional Doll Makers Art Guild Online Convention
October 15 - 18, 2020

Welcome to the Professional Doll Makers Art Guild's first annual Online Convention! Due to cancellations of physical shows and loss of sales, we have decided to have a virtual convention to showcase the phenomenal work of our members.  If you’re wondering what an “Online Convention” is, you’re not alone.  We have organized a top notch group of volunteers to create and organize a convention that will be solely ONLINE.  It will have presentations, question and answer panels, mixers and even paid online artist classes so that artists and collectors alike can gather to celebrate the art of Art Dolls.  It will be just like a physical convention and sale but right in your own home!  You can choose to participate in any and/or just have a sales page to exhibit your latest pieces.  The best thing is…. the convention is FREE for our artists to participate in and FREE for your collectors to come and attend.  The only offerings that may have a fee are the classes presented by individual artists.  This will be a ground-breaking convention with artists and collectors from all around the globe. 


We are getting our schedule firmed up and will be posting it soon.

We are an international guild of talented artists that work hard to promote the art doll industry and to enlighten the public as to how much ART there is in the term Art Doll.  Our Guild’s mission is to showcase and promote the biggest talents and emerging artists from around the world to help them achieve higher levels of success and also work with beginning artists so that they can achieve their dream of becoming a world class art doll maker.  Over the past 25 years our Guild has given multitudes of artists a leg up in the world of figurative art which we refer to as Art Dolls. 

Exhibitor List

Cherie Fretto - Artdoll Studio

Peggy McChesney - Magical Moments & Memories

Sandra Maxwell Studios

Debbie Weimert aka DayDreamerDebbie

Natalie Ruiz

Patricia Rowe

Esther Manso

Melinda Wood

Ria Mendoza Hoyt - OrangeJar Art

Cecelia H. Arrington

Noemi Smith

Belinda & Rick Slate

Vanessa McCall Lee

Marguerite Surich Noschese

Deborah Marshall

Marianne Berst

Maaike Van Kempen

Renata Baillie

Sherrie Neilson

Sharon House

Sherri Williams

Cherie Davidson

Anastasia Frolova

Yana Ivanyuk

Patricia Davis

Susie McMahon

Kovaleva Natalya

Joe MacPhale

Christine Wex

Valerie Gladstone

Tina Parsons

Lori Platt

Gayle Wray

Tanya Abaimova

Denise Parker

Jan Wright

Alessandra Nicolin

Karen Baker

Carol Fah

Anja Abbott

Marina Martinaitene

Elisabetta Visentini

Cindy DeGraw

Carol Messick

Barbara Felts

Jacqueline Patrick

Patrizia Cozzo

Claudia Raddi

Elisa Fenoglio

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