Welcome to our first annual
Professional Doll Makers Art Guild Online Convention
October 15 - 18, 2020

This year it is all about virtual shows! A virtual convention is the perfect way for us to showcase the phenomenal work of our members. We have organized a top notch group of volunteers to create and organize this online convention. It is just like a physical convention but right in your own home! This is a ground-breaking convention with artists and collectors from all around the globe. 

 Check on our Schedule page to see the exciting things coming up at this convention!

Please note: Links will go live when Convention starts.

We are an international guild of talented artists that work hard to promote the art doll industry and to enlighten the public as to how much ART there is in the term Art Doll. Our Guild’s mission is to showcase and promote the biggest talents and emerging artists from around the world to help them achieve higher levels of success and also work with beginning artists so that they can achieve their dream of becoming a world class art doll maker.  Over the past 25 years our Guild has given multitudes of artists a leg up in the world of figurative art which we refer to as Art Dolls. 

Tribute to Roxanna Maria Sullivan

Lifetime Achievement Award


Exhibitor List

Cherie Fretto - Artdoll Studio

Peggy McChesney - Magical Moments & Memories

Sandra Maxwell Studios

Debbie Weimert aka DayDreamerDebbie

Natalie Ruiz

Patricia Rowe

Esther Manso

Melinda Wood

Ria Mendoza Hoyt - OrangeJar Art

Cecelia H. Arrington

Noemi Smith

Belinda & Rick Slate

Vanessa McCall Lee

Marguerite Surich Noschese

Deborah Marshall

Viktoria Fribus

Karen Baker

Ankie Daanen

Jack Johnston *

Maaike Van Kempen

Sherrie Neilson

Sharon House

Sherri Williams

Anastasia Frolova

Yana Ivanyuk

Patricia Davis Character Dolls

Susie McMahon

Natalya Kovaleva

Ana Fatinel

Lisa Wroblewski

Tina Parsons

Lori Platt

Gayle Wray

Tanya Abaimova

Denise Parker*

Jan Wright

Alessandra Nicolin

Carol Fah

Anja Abbott

Marina Martinaitene

Cindy DeGraw

Barbara Felts

Patrizia Cozzo

Claudia Raddi

Elisa Fenoglio

Ellie Doster*

Valerie  Gladstone

Kimlieu Nguyen

Jan Bush-Wood

Colleen Bigler

Mayra   Garza

Silke Sordyl

Taina Latvala

Lesley Duthie

June Su Nandar Naing

Michelle Pulaski

Lynne Pedersen

Angela Pinson*

Pamela Hunter

Vladlena Vladlena*

Palma Battaglia

Elena Tuminskaya

Barbara Cintolesi

Renata Jansen

Mihaela Vengher

Rafael Nuri*

Wisha Segarra

Ghadir Alshirazi* 

* These Artists Do Not Have Sales Page

Links will not be live until the convention opens.
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