Frequently Asked Questions

We are constantly updating this FAQ with new questions and answers. If you have other questions or need help, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email:


  1. How do I navigate the Exhibitors Sales page?
    Links to artists sales page will go live during the Convention dates. Click on the picture or the artist's name to go to their sales page. It will open in a new tab.


  2. How do I get back to the convention website?
    Each artist will have a banner, button or both on their website page that you can click on to come back to the Convention Home page.


  3. How do I navigate the Best of Show Gallery?
    Click on the picture to enlarge. If you wish to see information on the doll click on the doll and artist name at the bottom of the picture. That will take you to the artist's sales page where there will be information on the doll. To get back to the convention website, click on the Convention banner or button to return to the Convention Home page.


  4. How do I enter the raffles and how will I know if I am a winner?
    The link to fill out the form to enter the raffles is on the Raffle page. Raffles will be pulled LIVE on Facebook on the Professional Doll Makers and Collectors group. You must join this group in order to see the live raffles. Check the Schedule page for times. All winners will be notified by email and listed on the item on the raffle page.


  5. How do I navigate the Schedule page?
    There will be links to each event. Simply click on the links and they will open in another tab. When you are done, return to the Convention website tab. Links are set to Premier on the date and time scheduled. We are utilizing YouTube, Facebook Live, and Zoom for this Convention.


  6. How do I purchase dolls from the artists participating in your Convention?
    Go to the Exhibitors Sales page on the Convention website. Click on the picture of each doll and it will take you to that individual artist's sales page. They will have PayPal buttons or instructions on how to purchase.


  7. A friend told me about this Convention. Am I required to register or pay to participate?
    As a collector, or visitor you do not have to pay or register for the convention. The only thing you must register for is the raffles. It would also be beneficial for you to join the Professional Doll Makers and Collectors Group on Facebook. All participating artists must be a current member of the Professional Doll Makers Art Guild.


  8. How do I become a member of the Professional Doll Makers Art Guild?
    Click on this link:

  9. How do I use Zoom for the Q&A and Mixers?
    You must download the Zoom app on your device. You don't need to set up a Zoom account. When you click on the Zoom link it will take you to the Waiting room for that event and the admin for that event will let you into the meeting. Everyone will be muted when they enter the meeting. You can unmute when you have a question or wish to talk. We then ask for you to mute again. Our Zoom meetings are limited to 100 people max.