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Demos & Classes

VIP TICKET holders will have access to all Demonstrations and early access to the Sale Gallery! Paid classes, offered by select artists, are listed on their individual sales pages

Demonstrations and Paid Classes are still being added, so please check back often!



  • Sculpting Hands  by Karen Baker.  Watch as Karen shows you tips and tricks on sculpting a human hand in polymer clay. 

  • Mold Making for Porcelain  by Lesley Duthie.  Learn how to make a small plaster mold for pouring porcelain dolls. 

  • Wash Colors on Porcelain  by Lesley Duthie.  Learn how to Tint a piece by applying a wash. 

  • Paint Techniques on Paperclay  by Gloriann Irizarry Ellard. Learn Tips and techniques to paint on paper clay. 

  • Art Doll Research Fabric & Texture  by Valerie Gladstone. Learn how to use fabric and texture 

  • "Wee Witch Accessory Kit"  by Sharon House.  Learn to make polymer clay earrings for Halloween 

  • The Making of a OOAK Figure  by Renata Jansen. Watch the work in progress of an Art Doll 

  • Face Up  by Sandra Maxwell. Learn to do a simple face up for a BJD.  Using chalk pastels and acrylics, these techniques can be used on resin, polymer and even paper clay. 

  • How to Make a Mermaid Tail by Barbara Felts.  Tips and techniques for making a tail for a mermaid.

  • Budget Friendly Photo Studio  by Orangejar Art. Learn simple ways to set up a photo studio in your home. 

  • Painting with Genesis Heat Sets Oils  by Hajnalka Mayor. Learn tips and techniques of using Genesis Heat Set Oil paints. 

  • Creating a Traveling Sewing Kit With Upcycled Items  by  Elisabetta Monari. Learn about a DIY Sewing Kit

  • Basic Needle Felting  by Angela-Coleman Pinson. Learn the necessary tools and supplies for needle felting. 

  • Mermaid Armature  by Patricia Rowe. Learn how to make an armature for a polymer mermaid. 

  • Sudsy Bubbles  by Maria Saracino. Learn techniques on making bubbles 

  • Basic Airbrushing by Noemi Smith. Learn tips and techniques on using an airbrush 



These classes can be purchased by contacting the individual artists. ​​

  • Realistic Dragon Bust – Noemi Smith 

A 3 day LIVE class. Sculpting a dragon bust in polymer clay. 


  • Custom Wig – Debbie Weimert 

A 4 hour LIVE class. Step by step instructions on making a custom wig by using fabric, wool and glue.  Included is also how to make simple wefted hair with glue and embroidery floss. 


  • Rooting a Silicone Baby – Elisabetta Monari 

A 3 hour LIVE class. Learn the tips and techniques on rooting into silicone. 


  • BJD for Advanced Artists – Cherie Fretto 

Recorded & LIVE sessions 

Learn to sculpt a double jointed BJD in polymer clay. 



These classes can be purchased on the individual artists’ sales pages 

  • Anthropomorphic Crow - Karen Baker 

Class includes armature construction, sculpt of polymer clay figure, painting, customizing and shoe creation. 

  • Mixed Media 3D Wall Art Doll - Gloriann Irizarry Ellard 

Step by step tutorial to create your own 3D paper clay wall art including sculpting, painting and sealing. 

  • Art Doll Business Card Holder - Valerie Gladstone 

Create an art doll business cardholder out of polymer clay to reflect your own style 

  • Real Shoes for Art Dolls - Joe MacPhale 

Learn to make real shoes for your art dolls. 

  • Pumkple Pumpkin People - Sherrie Woolsey Neilson 

Sculpt a polymer clay Pumpkin Man. 

  • Felting Realistic Animals - Angela-Coleman Pinson  

Tips and techniques on needle felting realistic animals. 

  • Sculpting a Baby - Elsie Rodriguez 

Tutorial for a One of a Kind Polymer Clay Baby Doll 

  • Relief Portrait - Maria Saracino 

This includes a PDF 

Tips and techniques to capture your subject’s likeness in polymer clay plus TWO more on her sales page!

  • Armature and Soft Body - Lisa Wroblewski 

Tutorial for constructing an armature and soft body for an art doll. 

* Note:  Prerecorded classes are classes that have been recorded and prepared for students. These classes are not live.

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