Please note that all times are USA Eastern Standard Time
Thank you for attending our online convention.
If you missed anything, please feel free to continue to browse. We will leave the website up for a few more days.
Please note that all times are USA Eastern Standard Time

FRIDAY October 16th

10:00 am     Artist Interview Lynne Pedersen

10:15 am     Studio Tour Anja Abbot          


10:30 am     Raffle Drawings (LIVE on Facebook)


10:45 am     Meet Italian Artists Elisa Fenoglio, Patrizia Cozzo &

                    Claudia Raddi


11:00 am     Artist Interview Patrizia Cozzo

                    Presentation  Patrizia Cozzo

                    Virtual Sales Table Patrizia Cozzo

11:20 am     Artist Interview Claudia Raddi

                    Studio Tour Claudia Raddi

                    Virtual Sales Table Claudia Raddi

11:45 am     Studio Tour Elisa Fenoglio

                    Virtual Sales Table Elisa Fenoglio                 



Noon           Mixed Media Q&A Panel (LIVE on Zoom)

                    Cherie Fretto, Debbie Weimert, Karen Baker, Cecelia Arrington


1:00 pm       Studio Tour Ankie Daanen

1:30 pm       Studio Tour Mihaela Vengher


2:00 pm       Polymer Clay Q&A Panel (LIVE on Zoom)

                    Valerie Gladstone, Noemi Smith, Marguerite Noschese, Belenda Slate, Karen Baker, Angela                                Pinson, Mihaela Vengher, Patrizia Cozzo, Jan Bush Wood

                    (LIVE on Zoom)


3:00 pm       Presentation Demo Sherri Williams  "Mini Diaper"


3:30 pm       Presentation Sculpt a Face with Renata Jansen


4:30pm        Farm Tour Silke Sordyl


5:00 pm       Presentation Silke Sordyl "Wet Felting an Outfit"


5:30 pm       Studio Tour Rafael Nuri                       


6:00 pm       Paperclay Q&A Panel (LIVE on Zoom)

                    Cherie Fretto, Cecelia Arrington, Patricia Davis, Debbie Weimert

7:00 pm       Raffle Drawings (LIVE on Facebook)    


7:15 pm       Artist Interview Lesley Duthie                       


8:00 pm       MIXER (Live on Zoom)

                    First 100 people get in for the Mixer.

                    Pet Fashion Show - dress up your pets and show them off.

                    Virtual bartender and our nightly signature drink - "Peanut Butter Cup Martini"

                    Artist Supply Raffles.

                    Join us for a fun evening!


10:00 pm     Convention closes for the day.     

Please note that all times are USA Eastern Standard Time

SATURDAY October 17th


10:00 am     Studio Tour Taina Latvala

10:15 am     Presentation Mihaela Vengher

10: 30 am    Artist Interview Valerie Gladstone

                    Virtual Sales Table Valerie Gladstone

10:45 am     Studio Tour Table Patricia Rowe

11:00 am     Museum Tour Vladlena


11:30 am     Artist Interview Alessandra Nicolin

                    Alessandra Nicolin Porcelain BJD Presentation

NOON         Raffle Drawings (LIVE on Facebook)

12:15pm      Virtual Sales Table Alessandra Nicolin Polymer Clay

12:30 pm      Artist Interview Debbie Weimert

12:45 pm      Virtual Sales Table Debbie Weimert

1:00 pm       Studio Tour & VST Natalie Ruiz

1:15pm       Virtual Sales Table Alessandra Nicolin Porcelain

1:30 pm       Presentation Barbara Cintolesi

                    Artist Interview Barbara Cintolesi


1:45 pm       Interview Marguerite Noschese

                    Studio tour Marguerite Noschese

2:00 pm      Virtual Sales Table Barbara Felts

2:15 pm      Interview Noemi Smith

2:30 pm      Virtual Sales Table Silke Sordyl

2:45 pm      Virtual Sales Table Michelle Pulaski

3:00 pm      Virtual Sales Table Cherie Fretto

3:15 pm      Virtual Sales Table Sherrie Neilson

3:30 pm      Artist Interview Sherri Williams


3:45 pm      Virtual Sales Table Sherri Williams

4:00 pm      Artist Interview Karen Baker

                   Presentation Karen Baker "Painting Boots"

4:30 pm      Presentation Deb Marshall "Wood Plank Floor"

4:45 pm      Raffle Drawings (LIVE on Facebook)

5:00 pm      Virtual Sales Table Deb Marshall


5:15 pm      Presentation Deb Marshall "Witches Broom" 

5:30 pm      Studio Tour Debbie Weimert

6:00 pm      Virtual Sales Table Belenda & Rick Slate

6:15 pm      Presentation Valerie Gladstone

6:30 pm      Virtual Sales Table Jan Bush-Wood 

7:00 pm      Virtual Sales Table Cindy DeGraw

7:30 pm      Presentation Alessandra Nicolin

8:00 pm      COSTUME MIXER (Live on Zoom)

                   Mingle with your favorite artists.

                   Halloween Costume Party for All!  

                   Virtual bartender and our nightly signature drink - "Black Magic Sangria"

                   Raffles/Door Prizes

                   Join us for a fun evening!

10:00 pm    Convention closes for the day

Please note that all times are USA Eastern Standard Time

SUNDAY October 18th

11:00 am     Presentation Alessandra Nicolin talks about her art journey

11:15 am     Enjoy a cup of coffee or other beverage while you catch up on videos.

11:30 am     Porcelain Q&A Panel (LIVE on Zoom)

                    Sandra Maxwell, Lesley Duthie and Rafael Nuri 

Noon           Raffle Drawings (LIVE on Facebook)

12:30 pm     "In The Doll World" interviews PDMAG

1:00 pm       "In The Doll World" with Georgette Taylor & Tammy Fisher

1:30 pm       Artist Interview Mihaela Vengher

                    Meet Kren the Pumpkin Reaper Mihaela Vengher

2:00 pm       Presentation Debbie Weimert

2:30 pm       Felting Q&A Panel (LIVE on Zoom)

                    Silke Sordyl, Noemi Smith, Peggy McChesney, Belinda Slate

3:00 pm      Tribute to Roxanna Maria

3:15 pm      Raffle Drawings (LIVE on Facebook)

3:30 pm      Convention Volunteer Recognition Video

4:00 pm      Closer MIXER (Live on Zoom)

                   First 100 people get in for the Mixer.                                   

                   Best of Show Award.

                   Master Certification Awards

                   Raffles/Door Prizes

                   Farewell until next year!


5:00 pm     Official close of the convention